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PyCelonisError (Exception)

Base Error class.

PyCelonisHTTPError (PyCelonisError, HTTPError)

Raised when HTTP error occurred.

PyCelonisNotImplementedError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when method is not implemented.

PyCelonisPermissionError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when USER or API token has not enough permissions.

PyCelonisValueError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when using wrong value.

PyCelonisNotSupportedError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when an operation is not supported by the underlying structure.

PyCelonisTypeError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when using the wrong type.

PyCelonisNotFoundError (PyCelonisError)

Raised when object with given id was not found.