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Getting started

PyCelonis is a Python client library for the Celonis Execution Management System (EMS) API. If you're familiar with Python, you can install PyCelonis with pip, the Python package manager.


PyCelonis can be installed with pip:

pip install --extra-index-url= pycelonis
pip install --extra-index-url= pycelonis=="1.6.*"

  1. PyCelonis uses semantic versioning. At Celonis, we are constantly working to improve the EMS. In order to keep up with all the latest features or bug fixes PyCelonis gets patched on a two weekly cycle. Therefore, we recommend limiting upgrades to the current major and minor version.

    This will make sure that you don't accidentally upgrade to a version, which may include breaking changes that silently break your scripts.

    Additionally, we recommend creating a lockfile before upgrading via pip freeze.

    pip freeze > requirements.txt

    Now, the lockfile can be used for installation:

    pip install -r requirements.txt

This will automatically install compatible versions of all dependencies. The PyCelonis team always strives to support the latest versions.

ML Workbench

PyCelonis is intended to be used within the Celonis Machine Learning workbench which is maintained by Celonis and provides customer support. The Machine Learning workbench offers a Python environment and a Jupyter Lab interface with all dependencies preinstalled, including PyCelonis. The workbench provides scheduling and trigger functionalities that allow Celonis customers to automate custom scripts. Celonis tries to keep everything up to date to the latest version. However, if you need to upgrade to the latest patch of PyCelonis in order to get your notebooks running it is recommended doing it manually:

pip install --upgrade pycelonis (--extra-index-url= only outside ML workbench)

Tips and Tricks

In order to learn some tips and tricks on using pycelonis with Celonis Machine Learning Workbench or Jupyter Notebooks, here is a video to get you going:

Join the Community

Reach out on our Celonis Community Forum in order to get further help, ask your questions, ideas as well as report bugs. We love to answer your questions and hear your feedback.