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Version 2.5.0

  • [Improvement] Improved API client compatibility for enum values and store enum values as string in models instead of the enum object.
  • [Improvement] Updated SaolaPy to v0.3.1 which provides better error messages.
  • [Improvement] Improved API reference documentation to also include inherited methods and attributes.

Version 2.4.1

  • [Fix] Fixed verify_ssl option in combination with proxies
  • [Fix] Improved SaolaPy performance during data exports
  • [Fix] Fixed issue with SaolaPy export for analyses and knowledge model variables

Version 2.4.0

  • [Deprecation] Deprecated DataModel.export_data_frame_from in favor of SaolaPy data export implementation (see docstrings and tutorials for more information).
  • [Deprecation] Deprecated data_model.export_data_frame in favor of SaolaPy data export implementation (see docstrings and tutorials for more information).
  • [Deprecation] Deprecated analysis.resolve_query in favor of SaolaPy data export implementation (see docstrings and tutorials for more information).
  • [Deprecation] Deprecated knowledge_model.resolve_query in favor of SaolaPy data export implementation (see docstrings and tutorials for more information).

Version 2.3.2

  • [Fix] Update pycelonis_core to 2.1.1

Version 2.3.1

  • [Add] Added KnowledgeModelSaolaConnector and AnalysisSaolaConnector class to export data from a knowledge model or analysis using the DataFrame interface.
  • [Fix] Limited pydantic to version <2.0.0.
  • [Add] Added verify_ssl option to the Client to enable TLS certificate verification.

Version 2.3.0

  • [Add] Added data_push_job.delete_data_frame() and data_push_job.delete_file_chunk() functions to delete dataframe or file from a data pool table.
  • [Add] Added PoolVariable class to work with data pool variables. Also added data_pool.get_pool_variables(), data_pool.get_pool_variable(id) and data_pool.create_pool_variable() functions, in PyCelonis1.X called data_pool.variables() and data_pool.create_pool_parameter() to get and create data pool variables (parameters).
  • [Improvement] Added data_job.cancel_execution() to cancel the execution of the data job.
  • [Add] Added TaskVariable class to work with task pool variables. Also added task.get_task_variables(), and task.create_task_variable() functions, in PyCelonis1.X called data_extraction.variables(), transformation.variables() and data_extraction.create_extraction_parameter(), transformation.create_transformation_parameter() to get and create task variables (parameters).
  • [Add] Added groupby functionality for dataframes in SaolaPy.

Version 2.2.0

  • [New Feature] Introduced Beta version of SaolaPy to PyCelonis to interact with SaolaDB using a DataFrame interface.

Version 2.1.0

  • [Improvement] data_model.get_columns() returns CelonisCollection with high-level column objects that also contain table name and alias.
  • [Improvement] data_model.get_load_status() returns the current load status of the data model.
  • [Breaking Change] Introduced index parameter to create, append, and upsert data pool table which is set to False by default to not push the data frame index to EMS. Previously, custom indices (not RangeIndex) were pushed as separate column.

Version 2.0.3

  • [Fix] Fixed pycelonis_core dependency
  • [Improvement] Added a proxies parameter to the get_celonis method

Version 2.0.2

  • [Fix] Fix resolve query function for published analyses without variables
  • [Fix] Set default of follow_redirects to true for client to automatically follow redirects
  • [Improvement] Updated documentation and tutorials
  • [Improvement] Added additional examples to API reference
  • [Improvement] Improved error message when pushing invalid dataframe using data push job

Version 2.0.1

  • [Fix] Fixed parsing of custom objects in knowledge model
  • [Fix] Fixed creating tables within data connection by passing data_source_id parameter
  • [Fix] Improved logging for data_pool.create_table() method
  • [Add] Support for translated name attribute in PQLColumns for analysis components

Version 2.0.0

PyCelonis 2.0.0 is a complete redesign PyCelonis with improved user experience, performance, and stability. It is not backwards compatible with PyCelonis 1.X.X.

The new features of PyCelonis 2.0 include: - New interfaces aligned with the EMS navigation: apps, data integration, studio, ...

  • Performance improvements for API calls

  • Improved error handling and logging

  • Explicit update and sync operations to improve performance

  • Improved semantics for data upload

  • Additional features for PQL handling

  • Streamlined data export through data model

  • Clearer separation between Studio and Apps

  • Removal of redundant APIs

  • A consistent interface for classes and methods

For more information on the differences between PyCelonis 1.X and 2.X and how to migrate existing scripts to 2.X, check out the migration tutorial.