Installation (outside ML Workbench)

ML Workbench

If you are using the ML workbench and you deleted PyCelonis by accident, you can install or upgrade pycelonis using:

pip install -U pycelonis


If you are using Windows, you might need to use Anaconda to install some dependencies like ujson. If you can’t install ujson, don’t worry, pycelonis works without it too.

conda install ujson -y
pip install --extra-index-url= pycelonis


If you are using Linux, you might need to run sudo apt install build-essential for pip installation to work. The pip you can install via the package manager might be too old to install pycelonis. Either make sure to have at least the version 18.1 via the package manager or execute

pip3 install --upgrade pip

to get the latest pip version.

You can install pycelonis with:

pip install --extra-index-url= pycelonis