Welcome to PyCelonis!

Welcome to PyCelonis, this python package allows you to connect to Celonis from Python. It can connect to the Celonis IBC and to CPM4.5.

Using this package you can programmatically interact with Analyses, Workspaces, Datamodels, Datapools and other Celonis objects. The package also allows pushing and pulling data to and from data pools and data models. PyCelonis currently supports Python versions 3.6 and 3.7.

PyCelonis is pre-installed in all Celonis Machine Learning Workbenches by default. To see how to install PyCelonis in your local python environment, go to our Installation Guide

pip install --extra-index-url=https://pypi.celonis.cloud/ pycelonis

Getting Started

After having installed PyCelonis it is very easy to establish a connection between Celonis and PyCelonis, simply The easiest way to learn how PyCelonis works, is to try it out yourself! Our get started guide will help you with establishing a connection and making the first steps.

Tips and Tricks

In order to learn some tips and tricks on using pycelonis with Celonis Machine Learning Workbench or Jupyter Notebooks, here is a video to get you going.

Join the Community

Reach out on our Celonis Community Forum in order to get further help, ask your questions, ideas as well as report bugs. We love to answer your questions and hear your feedback.